Crazy ambitious New Yorker with the stamina and power of a Colt! Ha I'm the sneakiest bitch you'll ever meet but I'm really fuckin awesome. Some of my best friends are the product of my imagination. I love my life!

Permalink Started my #Meiosis chapter and I love that my Biology book is so progressive. #InterracialDating is beautiful!
Permalink First #HerbalLifeShake and it’s delicious.  Cookies and cream.
Permalink #spanishgirlsbelike  #ComoLaFlor Selena will forver slay.
Permalink #Autumn is the best season.
Permalink Thanks Groupon, but I’m good. #SewMyWeaveIn “Honey, Honey I can see your tracks all the way from here.”
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Permalink Yum! Pumpkin Hard Cider. #WoodChuck
Permalink #OutFest  with the lesbians!!!
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